Andre Francis


About me

This page describes my early years, time in the RAF, academic and professional, family, home and garden, interests and contact. It contains links to my other websites together with relevant photos and movies. The picture above is taken from an Open Garden event in 2012.


Most of my recorded vocals, both solos and with groups are catalogued here, some of better quality than others. They spread from 1965, at Headquarters, Middle East Command stations, Aden to the present day choir and quartet I belong to.


These essays are a mixture of topics that interest me from personal to political and philosophical. Some of them have been taken from my Blog and Twitter feeds. The views are all my own, are not set in stone and I welcome challenges to them.


There are currently only two readings, originally made for my nephew Jamie (when he was very young), but they will be added to in the near future.


This fixed page contains links to my social and professional media. They consist of my Blog, Twitter account, YouTube channel, LinkedIn. Although Facebook is catalogued, I left many years ago in protest over its controlling nature.

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